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Muffin Man

I pray that my name is never found
Shadowed under this brooding ground,
In tempest of lost sight and sound,
   What the ignorant share;
In this oblivion, I see the world break,
The oceans dry, and the mountains quake,
Dark tremors that beget dead awake,
   To see the ominous flare.

Now as the tide comes never trodden,
Carrying souls dreams and forgotten,
Through a coppice of bone-trees rotten,
   I feel all that there is to see;
Where the dead were once dreaming,
Where the living once stood screaming,
All in my ears there madness is beating
   As I am carried to sea.

Witness now my madness dreaming,
Of worlds apart, so beautiful seeming,
The endless rhyme with children singing,
   As we know that children can;
You will know my legend after the rain,
Hath exposed the world that I stain,
With sweetness the innocent exclaim,
   Do you know the muffin man?
-) This was a piece a bit inspired by my friend, whom upon reading my other poem suggested I add 'Do you know Muffin Man?"

-) So, I decided to orientate in that fashion! Please enjoy and find humor in it, I know I did!
Darkviper016129 Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2011
Blackmist-Squamata Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2011
-) Wooot! Got one whole emodicon!
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